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Alyssa Cole Needs Punishment

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Alyssa Cole has been a bad girl ever since her Mom left. She has no respect for anyone, including her step daddy. Alyssa has been stealing money from his wallet and staying out late with the older boys from school. Enough is enough and it is time for the teenager to be punished. She is spanked and manhandled, but it only makes the young blonde giggle. If she wants to act like she is an adult know it all whore, then she is going to be treated the way a whore gets treated. With no hesitation, a big cock fills the young teen's shaved pussy and fucks her until she is ready to swallow every drop of her older man's cum.

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09/08/2017 | 22:30 | Categories: BDSM, Blondes, Natural, Shaved Pussy, Swallows, Young

Starring Alyssa Cole

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