Karma Rx "Rock My Tight Pussy Sir"


Karma Rx enters her stepfather’s office without any hesitation. She wears a gray spaghetti-strapped top and a pair of black shorts. Her top is too tight making her big tits seem bigger than they are. Her tattooed arms are exposed. Her shorts are also too tight, almost showing her white butt. Karma sits in a black computer chair, the desktop behind is still turned on. It seems that she came in while her step daddy is busy with work. She bites her lower lip trying to catch his attention. She has heavy makeup on her face. Her so-called step daddy is very hesitant with what his step daughter wants. He just doesn’t want to cheat on his partner. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She wants to fuck him and she wants to fuck him now. Without any permission from her step daddy, Karma hurriedly kneels down and opens and pulls his pants down, setting his dick free. It isn’t hard yet but that isn’t a problem. She grabs his big cock and takes its full-length inside her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until his dick is hard. She then takes her top of exposing her big tits. She places his big hard cock in between her breasts before squeezing them hard until both are wrapped tightly around his cock. Karma now turns her back from her step daddy showing her big tattoo at the back. She slowly takes her shorts off, teasing him. With her bent down, the family roleplay begins. He finally gives in. He gently thrusts his hard dick inside her pussy. She moans lightly as her pussy slowly opens up to give way to his cock. Step daddy is about to reach his peak. Karma takes control of the situation. She pulls his dick out from her pussy. She then sits on a chair, spreads her legs and masturbates by herself. She wants him hard and throbbing for her. Seeing his face, he is about to come. Karma Rx approaches him, kneels down on the floor and sucks his dick. She then places his dick in between her breasts until he orgasms. He releases his cum all over her breasts. She happily leaves the room after the sexy time with her step daddy.


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