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Stella Rae Brand New Young Slut

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Young blonde teenage Stella Rae is at that age. She is learning all about sexual health and education. The young schoolgirl is curious and a very good student. She is always trying to impress her teachers. The petite teen blonde wants to be the most knowledgeable girl in school about every subject. Sex is no different. She wants to know it all. Her step father tells her to ask all her questions to her mommy. He wants to avoid the awkward conversations with this sexy young girl who lives in his house. As Stella has been getting older, her step father has watched her become more and more beautiful. He noticed when she got her first tattoo and every one since then that she tries to cover with her skimpy school girl outfits. Stella Rae has an idea of how to become the most advanced girl in school. She is going to get some first hand sexual experience. She crawls onto her step daddy's bed and begs to examine his cock. She is mad that all the other girls in school have had a chance to see one. She doesn't want to be behind the other girls. The teenage blonde begs and pleads to her step dad until he finally gives in to the sexy young girl. She pulls down his pants to reveal the grown man's full and large cock. Stella is wide eyed with excitement. She mouth begins to water and her pussy becomes wet and horny. She needs more. Stella begins to worship her step daddy's big hard cock. She runs her tongue all over every inch of his shaft while telling him how much she loves his member. The dirty talk continues as she lowers her tight teen pussy down on her step fathers hard cock. Stella shows off her bush as she strokes his thick shaft with her young cunt. The tattooed blonde teen begs to be fucked like this every day after school. She lays back and opens her step daughter pussy with her fingers. She shows off her tight hole and begs to server her step father's cock in every way she can. Stella Rae then bends over to take a hard fucking from behind. The abuse to her tight teen pussy is something she loves. There is no amount of pounding which is too much punishment for her. Stella Rae knows her mom is coming home soon. She wants to finish off her step daddy before they get caught. She drops to her knees to suck off the grown man's cock until he sprays her pretty young face with his cum. The teen sits patiently and accepts her messy facial cum shot with a smile on her face.

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08/10/2018 | 16:33 | Categories: Blondes, Bush, College, Facial, Natural, Petite, Tattooed, Teen

Starring Stella Rae

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