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Violet Star Caught In The Act

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Daddy walks in on his step daughter getting fucked by a stranger. He is quick to scold the young girl. Violet Star told her step father that her pussy is all his, and that she will save it all day to bring home to him to use before Mommy gets off work. She clearly needs to be punished for disobeying. The man she calls daddy fills her young mouth with his cock and makes her work hard to show how sorry she is. Violet doesn't let her step daddy down and does everything she can with her shaved young pussy to please him. She begs for forgiveness and promises to be a good girl for him. After he covers the little slut with cum, we find out that he has been whoring out his girl for all his friends. Violet Star is quickly becoming the step daughter sex toy for all the men in the neighborhood.

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10/06/2017 | 15:54 | Categories: Big Tits, Brunettes, Caught, Natural, Shaved Pussy, Young

Starring Violet Star

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