Jasmine Jae - Son's New Wife Rather Have Her Father In Law


Jasmine Jae


Parents cleaning up their son’s mess are somewhat true no matter how old the kid is. Step dad here gets seduced by his son’s MILF wife, Jasmine Jae. Said that she isn’t getting enough of it and his son failed on giving. So, as an outstanding parent, what should he do? To fuck her hard, of course. To have the first step on solving this, Jasmine approaches step dad with a plea and a panty-less attire. She sits down and starts showing her shaved pussy. Jasmine kindly asks the step dad for the help. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. They got into a little drama but eventually, step dad gives up when Jasmine revealed her big tits. She kneels down starts sucking his fat dick. Jasmine has all that big tits so its only natural to give the guy some titty fucking, which she actually did. When they both got into it, Jasmine bends over and asks the step dad to insert his fat cock. He did it and went at it for a while. Her big ass gets highlighted at this part, which is nice. Jasmine stops and starts sucking him off again. After that, the step dad lies down and Jasmine goes on top. Her big tits and pierced, shaved pussy gets its spotlight this time. The last act is Jasmine lying down on the bed. She managed to keep her tits revealed but still have her tops on. This will be the main sight at this part. She is still getting fucked but this time, step dad is near his climax. Jasmine kneels down and invites the cum to come out by jacking and sucking him off. He unloads his cum into her mouth. Jasmine plays with it for a bit before swallowing all of it.


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