Violet Starr: Caught In The Act


One of the worst things you can walk in to is your step daughter being screwed hard by a local fuck boy which is also your friend. The said step daughter, Violet Star, on her back with her legs in the air is not the fairest sight to see. So step dad disciplines her by doing the same thing your friend did to her— fuck her hard. I mean… fuck logic, right? Once Violet is convinced that she needs to get disciplined, Violet just bends her knees and start sucking on step dad’s fat cock. She got so far on licking every nook and cranny of the said dick when she slowly reveals her modest tits, which is nice. She eventually bends over and offers up her shaved pussy for some fucking. Step dad now proceeds on ‘disciplining’ Violet. Even at the start, he went at it hard. Violet just peeks behind from time to time. Violet stops for a while and step dad lies on his back. She follows suit and starts riding that dick. She just lift up her skirt to reveal what’s happening underneath it. Violet paused on being fucked again. She takes I t off her pussy and starts sucking his dick. After a good minute of sucking, she rides the dick again but this time, she’s facing the other way thus showing her cute but with a fat dick impaling her from below. In the final act, Violet takes it all off, leaving only her ribbon on. She sucks off that dick again and bends over. Step dad continues fucking her even when she flips herself over. Violet faces step dad and races one leg to have him fuck her with his remaining strength and stamina. Step dad successfully attained his climax and blew his load all over Violet’s tummy. After all said and done, when step dad goes outside, he meets up with his friend, revealing it was only a big ruse to have perfect excuse to fuck Violet. They high five and let his friend have his turn.


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