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Astrid Star Sells Her Pussy To Her Step Daddy

Astrid Star is growing up fast. She is hoping to go on a European trip and explore the world. She only has one problem. The young girl has no money. She has no job. She only has one thing. Astrid Star knows that boys like to use her pussy and that they will pay her for the privilege of fucking her tight young cunt. Astrid Star needs enough money to get to Europe, so she has decided to go to the man of the house and offer him her slutty body in exchange for enough money to go on her trip. She convinces her step father to pay for her trip over seas if she sucks his cock and lets him fuck her. He is excited by the idea of fucking this young blonde girl. He wants to see what she has learned to do with her body as she has now grown up. Astrid gets between his legs and starts to suck his cock. She is nervous but excited. He can't wait to have more. He has the blonde whore stand up and strip completely nude. She shows off her shaved pussy before sliding her warm hold down on her step daddy's dick. Astrid loves to sit on her step daddy's lap. She rides his cock in cowgirl pov while telling him how much she loves it. She flips around to show off her virgin asshole while riding him reverse cowgirl. Astrid is in heaven. Feeling her step dad's dick inside her and getting paid for it is her dream come true. Astrid is shy but horny. She lays back and opens her legs so her step father can fuck her shaved pussy until he is ready to cum. He watches his cock slide in and out of the young girl in missionary until he pulls out of her pussy and covers his step daughter with cum. A little goes inside her pussy, but Astrid is used to having men who pay her for sex cum inside her. She is well prepared to deal with the consequences.

Astrid Star

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